Get Informed

Q- What do you do with the junk you remove?

A- We sort the items and determine the best way to dispose of them.  Items that can be recycled will be takent to the appropriate, local recycling center .  Items which can be used or refurbished by local charities are donated, and the remaining items will be taken to the landfill and disposed of properly.

Q- What Items will you remove

A- As long as it fits in the back of our truck, our trucks/ trailers are 14 feet long, 7 feet wide and 4 feet high, our 2 man crew is able to safely carry it, and it is not hazardous we can haul it.

Q- What Items will you not remove?

A-Asbestos, paints, stains, or chemicals, 55 gallon drums, biological or medical waste, propane tanks.

Q- How do you price your services?

A- Our price is based mostly on the volume of junk you have and how much room it takes up in our truck.  Other factors such as how close we can get our truck to the junk and the weight also play a factor.

Q- Do you carry Insurance?

A- Absolutely, we have a comprehensive commercial insurance policy.